Human Resources of Human Capital?

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Andrew Mayo
Gower, 2012

One Stop Guide: Understanding HR Return on Investment

Andrew Mayo
Personnel Today Management Resources, 2012

Human Capital of the Enterprise

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Andrew Mayo
Nicholas Brealey, 2006

Data Requirements

Measuring and reporting - the fundamental requirement for data

Andrew Mayo - CIPD, 2006

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Creating a Learning and Development Strategy, 2nd Ed

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Andrew Mayo

CIPD, 2004


Measuring Human Capital

Andrew Mayo analyses the case for measuring human capital
and outlines the different approaches available.

ICAEW, 2008

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Talent Management

Andrew Mayo explains how businesses can ensure a successful future

by looking after those people who drive value in their company.

ICAEW, 2009

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People Strategy

What is the best form of people management for your business?

The answer is one that embeds staff policies within the

overall business strategy, as Andrew Mayo explains.

ICAEW, 2009

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Workforce Planning

In this article, Andrew Mayo explains how workforce planning can
provide a solid foundation for the whole business.

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Finding the Right Balance

What makes a satisfied worker? In the July/August 2010 edition of
Finance & Management Andrew Mayo offers advice on managing
employee engagement and performance in your company.

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Q-Finance Article

Andrew Mayo describes the key elements of his book  The Human Value of
the Enterprise
in an article in Q-Finance - a hard copy and online publication
described as the 'Ultimate Financial Resource'.

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