MLI drew on their links with best practice organisations, enabling us to put in place a number of highly valued mentor pairings with mentors from outstanding companies to support various critical job holders.
Head of Talent & Leadership Development,
The Environment Agency


Mayo Mentoring

A highly effective way to gain new perspectives,

feedback and business contacts

We offer organisations the chance to link up with mentors outside of their current organisations. We achieve this by drawing on our extensive links across most work sectors – both private and public.

How does it work? Mentees simply complete a short profile, and from there we match and provide an appropriate mentor – someone with relevant experience and insights, able to offer advice and support, and to challenge where appropriate, e.g. concerning organisation change, stakeholder relationships and strategy execution.

Benefits to mentees:
•    Valuable advice from mentors from renowned organisations
•    New business perspectives and learning
•    Improved communication skills
•    A wider professional network

The mentoring relationships we facilitate typically involve a two-hour session every two to three months plus intermediate conversations as feasible over a 12 to 15-month period.

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