As part of our HR Professional Transformation programme, MLI continues to help us with a series of seminars on strategic aspects of HRM, which considerably enhance the image and objectives of the Directorate.
Head of Career Guidance and HRM Development,
European Commission

Improving HR effectiveness

How can HR add more value to your business?

Most HR functions want to visibly add value to their organisations. They want to be efficient in their transactional tasks, and effective in contributing strategically to the success of the business. MLI is particularly experienced at quantifying the value that HR can add and building HR Scorecards that measure the right things.

We can work with you to:

  • Define how and where HR adds value across its many stakeholders

  • Develop a set of metrics for the effectiveness of HR’s operations

  • Devise a methodology for determining the return on your HR investments, using our cause and effect maps

  • Utilise our Vital Partnership Capabilities tool, which enables HR professionals to assess their knowledge and skills

  • Create business cases for HR initiatives

The result will be more respect for the HR function, a greater buy-in to their processes and initiatives, and greater value for money for the organisation.

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