MLI ran a series of workshops for our senior managers which produced real and pragmatic improvement actions. Particular outputs included a simple tool to enable us to identify our high potential talent.
HR Director Europe,
global document services company


Identifying and optimising talent

Unlocking the hidden potential within your organisation

It never fails to amaze us how much time and money organisations spend on recruiting new talent from outside the company – while quite often, highly talented individuals sit unnoticed and underutilised within the company.

Over the years, MLI has developed a clear model for dealing with the ‘talent imperative’. Our integrated Talent Strategy includes a series of unique processes, tools and frameworks that cover issues like:

  • Defining the critical talents that are required for the future success of your business

  • Designing and running processes and/or workshops to assist line managers to identify and develop talent

  • Proactively managing careers to ensure job satisfaction and talent retention

  • Tracking and surveying talent that has left, that you wish to keep in touch with

  • Defining and creating the elements of a talent nurturing culture

The benefits speak for themselves: leadership continuity, reduced staff turnover, increased internal promotion and a workforce of loyal, satisfied, talented individuals.

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