MLI’s understanding of how to create measurable and distinctive linkages between people, motivation and performance is unique.
Head of Organisational Change, Royal Mail


Human capital measurement

How well do you understand the asset value of your people?

Appropriate measures concerned with your human capital – your key assets – are a vital part of monitoring and managing business performance right down to team level. Many studies show that capability and engagement of people are directly linked to performance. This is an area where MLI excels; indeed Andrew Mayo’s book ‘The Human Value of the Enterprise’ is considered a seminal work.

We believe that every manager should have, in parallel to his financial reports, an operating statement and balance sheet for people.

We can help you choose the right workforce analytics to support your business and people strategies. Plus, our industry-leading position is consolidated by our Human Capital Monitor; this unique measurement tool provides accurate insight into the relationship between strategic people qualities, their motivation and engagement, and the performance of your business. The Monitor isn’t a one-size-fits-all tool; we’ll apply it in a customised way to your organisation, enabling you to evaluate the key metrics that affect the achievement of results, group by group.

From there, we’ll help you work with your managers to make better-balanced people decisions and be a true business partner.

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