MLI’s coaching support was of enormous help in developing our Group People Strategy. They also helped to structure and present the strategy in a clear business format that aided its acceptance at Board level.
Group HR Director, VT PLC


Coaching HR directors and business partners

Personal support derived from practical experience

Our experienced HR capability experts have worked at senior level in a number of large corporates and organisations. This makes them ideally positioned to provide individual and team coaching at every level of your business to address specific areas where knowledge and skill may be lacking.

We have an extensive network of senior-level HR professionals across many sectors and we can draw on the insights this affords us, as well as our corporate and consulting experience, to support skills coaching, mentoring and career guidance in your organisation.

In partnership with you, we will create a business-oriented HR function that not only has the knowledge and tools necessary to deliver transformational input into the business, but also the initiative to monitor their own activities and set targets for continuous improvement.

And on a personal level, we can provide practical support in helping you achieve your goals, navigate organisational politics and extend the influence of HR in the organisation.

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