It’s fantastic to be able to give employees, prospective employees and customers such a professional framework.
HR Manager, QAS


Building capability frameworks

Providing tailored descriptors of success-critical capabilities

Experience has proved to us many times over that a capability framework is a foundational tool for the high-performing organisation. It enables you to utilise a common language for describing roles and people – and therefore match the two systemically.

MLI has extensive expertise creating capability frameworks. Our approach is unique but practical. We take a holistic view of capability, and go well beyond the traditional personal competencies, which in our experience are insufficient for most matching processes. Instead, we look at technical and professional know-how, prior experience, and the networks of contacts required for each position, as well as behavioural skills. We customise our work to suit the nature and goals of your organisation, but believe there are real benefits to a common ‘dictionary’ or reference point for capability that applies to all roles, and can be used by all staff.

Of course, if there is an existing model in place, we’ll audit that and help you refine and improve it. Whichever route we follow, the outcome is the same – a robust framework for the acquisition, growth and achievement of your human capital that’s understood and supported by every individual and group within your organisation.

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